Podcast Analytics
To Grow Your Audience

With Visibility, Audience, and Promotion Analytics, Voxalyze enables leading media companies to grow the audience of their podcasts.

Voxalyze Podcast Analytics


Rank Higher in Search results

Just like the first search results get most of the clicks on Google, the same applies to Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Leverage data and rank at the top for relevant, high-volume keywords.

Capture free search volume in podcast platforms
Voxalyze Podcast Analytics Dashboard

Better Podcast Data For Better Decisions

Our Audience Analytics tool delivers the crucial data you need, empowering you to make well-informed decisions about your content and promotion strategy. Maximize listener engagement and drive podcast growth.

Promotion Analytics

Understand exactly which promotional activities drive listener growth. Tie each e-mail, social media post, and website link to a precise number of downloads. Easily measure the cost per download of your paid promotion campaigns.

Analytics - Smart Links Dashboard