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French Podcast visibility ranking February 2023

We’re excited to release our first-ever French podcast visibility ranking! If you are new to this format, our visibility rankings put a spotlight on the shows that do the best job at capturing search volume in podcast app platforms.

To access past rankings and find out more about our methodology and sources, click here. Our analysis of the French February ranking can be found below the infographic.

French podcast visibility ranking February 2023

The absolute dominance of Choses à savoir

With 4 shows in the top 10, the network Choses à savoir is leaving nothing but crumbs for other publishers. Let’s see how they achieve such results, what they could improve to dominate even more, and what it tells us about French podcast listeners.

The keys to their success

  1. Long episode descriptions are the key to their success. Most publishers neglect that aspect of metadata. Though the character limit for episode descriptions is 4000, their average of 300-350 words is enough to put them ahead of the pack.
  2. Their main Keyword is in their title: economy, science, etc.
  3. Depending on the show, their episode count ranges in the hundreds or thousands. This is a great sign of regularity which is important for podcast authority. It’s also basic math. If you multiply 1,000 episodes by 300 words, you get to a total of 300,000 words indexed by crawlers.
  4. They cover a wide variety of topics. This lets them rank on a much broader set of keywords than any specialized show could.

Room for improvement

They’re already doing a great job, as evidenced by this ranking. However, they should pay more attention to their show descriptions. They are usually very short (a dozen words at most). The show description carries more weight for algorithms than any episode description taken individually.

What it tells us about French podcast listeners

As mentioned already, podcast authority is an important factor for visibility. They couldn’t have secured so many spots in the top 10 without a decent download volume. This goes to show that French podcast listeners tend to value knowledge more than US and German listeners (see other country rankings).

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