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Decoding Germany’s Spring 2023 Podcast Visibility Ranking

We are thrilled to present our second German podcast visibility ranking! Last time, we examined the ten most visible German podcasts of February. This time, we are analyzing the entirety of the year’s first quarter, comparing it to the 4th quarter of 2022. Taking a more comprehensive time range gives us more data to look at and provides us with a more solid and stable picture.

To access past rankings and learn more about our methodology and sources, click here. Our commentary on this German spring 2023 ranking can be found below the infographic.

German Podcast Visibility Ranking Spring 2023

This commentary will first focus on the leaders and reveal the secrets behind their success. We will look at the prevalence of finance and technology-related podcasts in this German ranking and the emergence of new podcasts.

Taking a look at the leaders

Doppelgänger Tech Talk still dominates the visibility ranking for reasons explained in our February ranking. This time, we will take a closer look at “OHNE AKTIEN WIRD SCHWER – Tägliche Börsen-News.” and explain the role of metadata in claiming the second spot.

With 468 characters, OAWS’s show description is relatively short. This could be better, and we recommend their team fully use the 4,000-character limit. The idea is to expand the podcast description to include important target keywords and potentially steal the first position. If you need help defining target keywords, you can always use Voxalyze to find out what keywords competing podcasts are ranking for.

OAWS’s real strength lies in strategically using keywords in episode titles. The team maximizes keyword utilization by incorporating all major topics discussed in each episode’s title. This doesn’t only help with visibility, but it also provides listeners with a quick overview of the episode’s content and manages expectations. Their episode descriptions have an average length of 500 characters (about 70 words). It’s decent and more than most podcasts out there, but only half that of Doppelgänger Tech Talk, the ranking leader. Thus, the show’s visibility would surely benefit from a boost in episode description length.

Finance and Technology Dominate the German Ranking

The Spring 2023 German podcast ranking reveals a strong inclination towards finance and technology-related content. Podcasts such as “Doppelgänger Tech Talk,” “OHNE AKTIEN WIRD SCHWER – Tägliche Börsen-News,” and “Wall Street mit Markus Koch – featured by Handelsblatt” have consistently maintained their positions within the top 10. This trend suggests that German listeners are keenly interested in staying informed about financial markets, business news, and technological advancements, reflecting the demand for expert insights and analysis within these sectors.

The emergence of New Podcasts

While stability is evident in the German podcast ranking, we also see the emergence of new podcasts, such as “Jay & Arya – Der eigentlich ganz gute Podcast,” which managed to secure a spot in the top 10. This demonstrates the dynamic nature of the German podcast landscape, where new creators can still break through and capture listeners’ attention by offering fresh and engaging content.


In conclusion, the Spring 2023 German podcast ranking showcases a blend of stability and innovation, with finance and technology-related podcasts dominating the scene. Metadata optimization plays a significant role in driving podcast visibility, as demonstrated by “OHNE AKTIEN WIRD SCHWER – Tägliche Börsen-News.”. As the German podcast landscape continues to evolve, we anticipate more intriguing trends and insights emerging from future rankings. Prost to the ever-growing and diverse German podcast scene!

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