Spend your podcast marketing budget on the right impressions

Do you feel confident about your marketing budget allocation? Do you know your cost per download by channel and ad?

If you are currently spending thousands of dollars a month to promote your podcast, optimizing your channel-mix and reducing your cost per download is a must.

Voxalyze Promotion Analytics will get you the data you need to achieve that.

Voxalyze Promotion Analytics Dashboard


Voxalyze podcast attribution

Complexity made simple

We collect data from dozens of sources and turn it into powerful insights that help you allocate your time and ad budget to the right promotion channels.

Highest Degree Of Granularity

With Voxalyze, you can drill down to the channel, campaign, ad set, and ad levels to optimize your paid campaigns with the highest level of precision. Want to know how many listeners your email onboarding sequence generates? That’s possible too.

Analytics - Smart Links Dashboard
How does podcast attribution work

How does it work?

We capture the click where it happens and match it with your download data at the hosting level.