Improve your podcast visibility

Search within the listening apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, is one of the biggest levers to grow your audience. Start tracking and improving the visibility of your show.

Keyword Explorer

Explore which podcasts are displayed by the listening apps (e.g. Apple Podcast, Spotify) for different search terms across countries. Monitor your competition and identify opportunities.

Visibility Score & Rank

Monitor how visible a podcast is with their Visibility Score, check how it performs in a given country and listening app with the Visibility Rank.

Keyword Tracking

Leverage our extensive keyword dataset to track any keyword, spy on your competitors and learn about the visibility of your podcast.

Keyword Tagging

Group and tag keywords around certain topics and get an overview of the visibility of your shows across clusters of keywords.

Search Volume

Understand which keywords are the most searched by potential listeners. Position your podcast at the top of those search queries and boost your audience.