Case Studies

Imagine growing your podcast audience by 24%. Without any additional promotional budget! These are the kind of results we’ve achieved for our clients. Read our case studies to find out how we leverage Podcast Visibility Optimization to help national broadcasters and major podcast studios take their digital audio presence to the next level.

apm studios case study thumbnail

24% Audience growth in 4 weeks for APM Studios

Key results:

  • +24% weekly downloads
  • #2 position for the term “debate” in the US
  • 8x top 1 positions in US search results

22% audience growth in 12 weeks for Europe 1 Studio

Key results:

  • +22% weekly downloads
  • #1 position for the term “history”
  • 509rd -> 21st most visible show in France
Europe1 case study thumbnail
rtbf case study thumbnail

How RTBF grew the audience of its flagship economy podcast by 15%

Key results:

  • +15% monthly downloads
  • 153rd -> 9th most visible show in Belgium
  • 13x top 3 positions in Apple Podcasts’ and Spotify’s search engine