Podcast Visibility Rankings

How do our podcast visibility rankings set themselves apart from podcast charts released by Apple, Spotify, or Chartable? Podcast charts rely on download volumes. Visibility, on the other hand, reflects the ability of shows to capture search volume in the two leading podcast apps, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

74% of users have used the search bar in a podcasting app*, so podcast app search represents an excellent opportunity for audience growth. Podcast visibility optimization is still overlooked by many podcast publishers. As a result, those who have identified its potential and actively work on improving their podcast metadata and podcast authority reap outsized benefits.

Sources and methodology

Sources: Apple, Spotify, and Voxalyze

We maintain an extensive database of keywords and gather rankings directly from Apple and Spotify. We then enrich this data with estimated search volumes for each keyword.

For monthly rankings, we compare positions from one month to the next.

For yearly editions, the positions represent an average of all monthly positions across the year. They are compared with the average position of the previous year.


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